MonkeeTree can be installed inside or outside, to a recommended height of up to 16ft (5m) and is designed for fully mobile adult cats weighing up to 22Ibs (10kg).

The components forming the ladder are supported by a central Pillar Pipe purchased separately. A suitable pipe can be supplied by an installer or purchased from a local hardware store or plumbing supplies merchant. 

Refer to the Planning Guide for Compatible Pillar Pipes to suit your Installation.

Multiple configuration cat climbing post

MonkeeTree - The Scalable Cat LadderMONKEETREE LAYOUTS:

Care needs to be taken when selecting a suitable location for your Monkee Tree. A safe landing area free of obstacles around your Monkee Tree is required. Any outside access way leading to your Monkee Tree needs to comply with your local building regulations (to ensure adequate barriers are in place).


Star or spiral shape where steps can be arranged randomly, in a spiral or zig zag formation.


Installed flat against a where steps elevate in a zig zag configuration within a semicircle area.


Installed within the corner of a building where steps elevate in a zig zag configuration within a quarter circle area.

Cat Climbing Toy Star Layout
Cat Climbing Frame Semi-Circle Layout
Cat Furniture Quarter-Circle Layout