1. Choose Your Layout

Choose a suitable location and decide on a layout. The layout will often be determined by the plan area available. (refer to “Applications and Design” for layouts)

2. Determine Your Height

Determine the approximate level of the highest Branch. Measure the total height (from ground to the highest branch).

monkee tree installation guide

MonkeeTree is sold in two pack types:

1. Base Trunk Kit 1xStump 8 + 6xTrunk 4B. Height 24.5 (625mm) +1xTreeTop.
2. 6x3 Branch Kit 6xTrunk 4B + 3xStep 8. Height approx 22.9”(582mm) per pack.

Determine how many packs you require to meet the height you require, as per the example. Note: Individual parts including Branches and Trunk can be purchased separately.

Other Required Parts (not supplied)

Pillar Pipe – A Pillar Pipe is required to mount the MonkeeTree components. Suitable pipes can be purchased from local hardware and plumbing stores. Pipes with outside diameters between 1.59” – 1.69” (40.5mm – 43.0mm) can be used. For further details on compatible Pillar Pipe Sizes and recommended spacing between wall fixings, refer to the Monkee Tree Planning Guide.
Wall Fixing Screws – Wall fixing screws suited to your installation are required for each wall bracket.
Floor Fixing Screws – Floor fixing screws suited to your installation are required for securing the Stump.

Further details on how to install your MonkeeTree, required pillar pipes lengths can be found in the Planning Guide & Installation Instructions.