Our very first Monkee Tree. LC's STORY. What a great recommendation!

LC was the very first cat to have a Monkee Tree.  

When her parents adopted her she instantly became part of the family.  So much so that when LC was involved in a car accident her parents were devastated and ended up spent thousands on vet bills.  Thankfully LC survived however she had a pin put in her leg and her jumping days were over.  This was a problem as LC's favourite place to sleep was up in a shade cloth under the gazebo which she always jumped down from, because of her surgery her parents no longer wanted her up there in case she injured herself again while jumping down, they were desperate to find a solution. 

Along came Monkee Tree.  LC not only found it easier to climb up to her bed in the sun,  she now could climb down too.  Thanks to Monkee Tree's unique design enabling LC's parents to position the branches to suit LC's needs,   LC and her parents were once again one happy family.

 This is what LC's parents had to say:

Yes all setup and LC thinks it's just great as do we. Thanks so much for all your help with this, Monkee Tree was easy to put together, as I mention I used aluminium for the inner pipe which works fine.

 LC walks from the bottom to the top of tree, in the ladder direction as we setup and after a hard day in the hammock down again in the spiral direction. So no longer has to jump onto a hard surface which can only help with her leg which had to be fused at the wrist after a run in with a car.

As promised I have attached a couple of photos that you may wish to use to show customers.

All the very best with the marketing of Monkee Tree, I hope you are successfully as the idea and product are brilliant.

 Thanks again

K. R, From Auckland,  NZ

A year later we went to visit LC and see how the Monkee Tree was going...

We were really excited to finally meet LC.  After a year hearing all about this poor little fluff it was great to see her and see just how happy she is. 

LC manages the Monkee Tree without a problem,  and she should,  she's up and down on it everyday as her spot in the sun is still her favourite place to be. 

As for the Monkee Tree?  It's in great shape as you can see!  LC's parents tell us that they are still really happy with it and recommend it every chance they get!