Product & Purchasing Info

We currently have retailers in Australia and New Zealand. Contact details are on the Where to Buy page. More retailers to follow. You can also purchase Monkee Trees on our website.

Yes anyone can install a MonkeeTree. View the assembly video on Youtube or the instructions supplied with your Monkee Tree.

No. Securing your Monkee Tree using the supplied wall brackets and screws is normally all that is needed.  If however you are installing your Monkee Tree outside then screws into the floor/pavement maybe required.

We recommend the maximum height of 12ft (3.7m), without an intermediate landing.

Monkee Tree branches will support cats up to 27.5lbs (12.5kg).

Timber decks or floors, concrete floors, paving squares. The Stump accommodates sloping ground surfaces.

The branches are not designed for humans. They are designed to fold down when overloaded to prevent people from climbing up your Monkee Tree. The Branches can be easily replaced should one become overloaded.

Simply unscrew the existing Branch, replace it with a new Branch by levering the top tab into the upper slot, push down and replace screw.