The Purr-fect Sleep, The Monkee Tree Cat Bed.

Posted by James Powell on

We all know how much cat's love to sleep... so guess what our latest accessory is?

We've been busy behind the scenes here at Monkee Tree with our newest accessory, the Cat Bed.

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The new Cat Bed, in it's prototype stage.

Currently in it's prototype stage this Cat Bed is designed to be attached to your Monkee Tree for your favourite feline to enjoy it's well deserved sleep. Made with comfy, easy to clean, hardwearing material this latest addition to our Monkee Tree accessories will be loved by cats around the world.

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       Cat Bed Prototype testing.

We are hoping our Cat Bed will be out early next year (2022) and available both in New Zealand and overseas in fact anywhere our Monkee Trees sell you'll find our cat bed.

Keep checking in for our up to date information on our Cat Bed.  

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