We're In 4 Cat Cafe's across Australasia.

We've just come back from a quick trip across the Tasman and had the privilege to install our Monkee Trees into a couple of Cat Cafes while over there.

All 4 cafes (2 in NZ and 2 in Aussie) have a wonderful friendly atmosphere and totally worth a visit for a feline fix! You're also welcome to visit to check out our Monkee Trees.

Cat Cafe Melbourne:   

Cat Cafe Melbourne has 2 rooms for their fluffy felines to roam.  Upstairs is bright and light and it's where our Monkee Tree is.  Downstairs the lights are dim and there are comfy cushions to sit on to enjoy a "chilled out"  moment with the happy,  relaxed cats.  The staff are friendly and helpful.  Check out their little shop full of cute goodies.

If you intend on visiting in the weekend or holiday periods it pays to book as it does get busy.  www.catcafemelbourne.com 

Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe: Wellington

Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe has been open less than a year and has already had plenty of media attention.  NZ's first adoption cafe has proven to be a hit  with many cats going to happy homes.  This lovely,  bright cafe has some pretty cool cat furniture,  including our very own Monkee Tree where you can purchase one for your fluff at home.  www.nekongeru.nz

Catmosphere Cat Cafe: Sydney.

Catmosphere creates a safe space where people can escape all the troubles of the outside world and connect with cats. "We're not just about rescuing and re-homing, but also improving the bond between humans and felines, and helping people to interact with and better understand cats" Says the new owner Darren.  Catmosphere has 2 rooms,  The light, bright chilled out area for the cats upstairs and the busy kitten room downstairs where our Monkee Tree is     www.catmosphere.com.au

Baristacats Cafe:  Auckland

Baristacats Cafe is in the heart of Auckland City with a bright,  friendly atmosphere and happy cats,  you'll feel right at home.  Look out for their many events held throughout the year,  yoga,  movie nights,  kitten days etc.  Go through to the main area where most of the cats hang out and you'll see our Monkee Tree straight ahead standing out against the orange wall.   www.baristacats.co.nz