Monkee Tree's are now in 6 Cat Cafes across Australasia

After a busy October we now have 6 Cat Cafe's in Australia and New Zealand providing exercise and entertainment for their fluffs with the help of our Monkee Tree. 

Here's a sneak peak ....

Lucky Cat Cafe-Brisbane

These gorgeous fluffs took to our Monkee Tree straight away using our new "scratch Patch" before it was even attached to the Monkee Tree. Find out more about Luck Cat Cafe here:


Cat Cafe Melbourne.

Chilling out on the Monkee Tree is Arnold,  obviously he's having a break from exercising and showing us all what else the Monkee Tree can be used for.   You can find out more about Cat Cafe Melbourne here:



Catmosphere's Kitten Room has just had a new spruce up and looking fabulous in the corner is our Monkee Tree with it's Scratch Patch attached.  To find out more about Catmosphere visit their website:


Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe-Wellington

Currently holding the record for the most cats on a Monkee Tree is Neko Ngeru Adoption Cafe.  You can also purchase our Monkee Trees from their shop. Visit their website:

Catnap Cafe-Christchurch


 Holmes is checking out what's going on in the recently opened Catnap Cafe.  Find out more about the cafe here:

BaristaCats Cafe-Auckland

BaristaCats Cafe is the home for many special needs cats, whether they're blind,  three legged or "mature"in cat years all Baristacats Cats have enjoyed the use of the Monkee Tree in the Kitty Playground.  Check Baristacats out here: