About Us

Monkee Tree Scalable Cat Ladders

Access an elevated cat door
safe access for your cat

Safely control where your cat can climb, giving them greater freedom and independance.

Cat exercise
Entertain and Exercise

Let them explore new places, extend limbs and workout.

Zip applied Scratch Patch

Great for stretching and claw health. Can help save your furniture!

Sustainable, Scientifically Tested & Adaptable

Different branch sizes and textures on the branches were tested.  A folding branch feature, when overloaded, is an important safety and security feature.  Monkee Trees have been load tested in a laboratory to ensure they withstand expected loads.

When we developed Monkee Tree we were conscious of producing a durable product, that could be adapted to suit multiple locations.  We decided to manufacture locally in New Zealand where we could control quality to a high standard.  We were also conscious of the products environmental impact.  For this reason Monkee Tree is made from recyclable materials which can easily be separated for recycling at the end of its life.  So nothing is glued together to make recycling difficult and all parts have material recycling markings.  Where possible we use simple unbleached cardboard and paper packaging (no bubble wrap or polystyrene!).