Our latest interview with New Zealand magazine, Ooby, is "paw-some".

Last month we were interviewed by New Zealand's new up and coming magazine,  Ooby. We covered everything from Monkee Tree challenges & where we see our selves in the future to blind cats, happy cats and our cat, Smudge. 

Grab yourself a coffee and a comfy seat and read all about us... Monkee Tree.

Monkee Tree: A creative solution for cats sparks a fast growing Kiwi business.

James and Jennie, the founders of the innovative cat ladder brand, Monkee Tree had a vision - inspired by their beloved cat, Smudge, who loves racing up and down trees. They wanted to create a versatile, New Zealand made cat ladder that could cater to any cats needs - whether it be for exercise, entertainment or safe access (getting to an open window). Quite simply, they wanted to make cats happy.

You only have to look at the photos fans have shared on social media to see that they are achieving that particular goal. If felines could smile, they would be beaming like Cheshire Cats. They clearly love hanging out on their Monkee Trees.

We caught up with Jennie to find out where Monkee Tree, which was founded in 2016, is heading and what the most significant challenges and enjoyable surprises have been so far. Jennie also shared her top tips for keeping cats happy. 


What were you doing before you founded Monkee Tree?

James who led the design of the Monkee Tree is a mechanical engineer. Jennie - James’s wife and sales manager - is a teacher.

What’s been the most enjoyable surprise while you’ve been in business?

We originally designed the Monkee Tree for outside use but were totally blown away by the number of people who wanted them for inside. So our market is bigger than we first thought. Customers are purchasing Monkee Trees to entertain their cats rather just to provide access. We have enjoyed seeing images of cats hanging out on their Monkee Trees. This has reminded us that cats simply love to climb!


And the biggest challenge?

Reaching international markets from New Zealand. The costs to get New Zealand made products to customers overseas is significant.

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