Our Story.... How Monkee Tree came to be.

Monkee Tree is a small family business with prior experience in the pet industry.

So how did Monkee Tree come about? Well...  Our cat Smudge couldn't get up to his catdoor and after looking online for what we wanted and not finding anything James,  an engineer, came up with our Monkee Tree! 

Smudge as a Kitten.

Of course it wasn't that easy,  there was a lot of blood,  sweat,  sleepless nights and help from others to get to where we are today.

The Cat Door Smudge couldn't get to without our Monkee Tree.

It was important to us to have a quality product hence why it's made right here in NZ.  It's also fully recyclable,  something that we are passionate about.

After selling successfully in Australasia, we are now taking the world by storm,  one branch at a time! 

Us! James,  Jennie and the Kids.