Cats Love to Climb. It's their natural instinct to explore high places.  The ability to climb extends their territory so providing a means for your cat to climb will promote a happy and healthier life for your cat. Monkee Tree’s are especially designed for cats to climb and provide safe access.  

Manufactured in New Zealand from tough UV resistant polymer Monkee Trees are ideal for catios and cat enclosures.  Check out the Monkee Tree Starter Pack all you need to start your Monkee Tree.


Safely control where your cat can climb

Reach an elevated catdoor


Let them explore new places


Stretching and claw health


Extend limbs and workout


MonkeeTree versatile patented modular design means you can create a configuration to reach many locations currently not accessible for your cat. And giving them greater freedom and independence.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand

new zealand made monkee tree scalable cat ladder



After LC had been hit by a car and suffered fractures LC’s parent’s were concerned about her jumping down from the top of their pergola after basking in the sun, as she would often do.  So LC became the very first cat to use a Monkee Tree to safely access her favorite spot and LC’s parents were very relieved.

 “LC thinks it's just great as do we. Thanks so much for all your help with this, Monkee Tree was easy to put together” Keven & Tina Renahan and of course LC,



Barista Cat’s Café in Auckland have two Monkee Tree’s installed and the resident cats love to play on them.  Their cats have a range of abilities, particularly as they adopt cats from shelters who are hard to adopt.  Both Gigi their three-legged cat and even Bryan a blind cat manage to use their Monkee Tree’s!

Bryan pictured above, who is blind, manages to scale a Monkee Tree


Marjorie Dawson from Dash Kitten has a Monkee Tree  

One thing the images can’t tell you is how satisfyingly solid and durable everything is to the touch. I have handled the Monkee Tree parts and the whole set up is something I feel your cats will use. Dash Kitten


Cat Behaviourist Claire Hemmington from Katzenworld reviewed an 18 Trunk Monkee Tree and Scratch Patch.  View her review on the Katzenworld web site.


The original reason for developing Monkee Tree. Smudge has a choice of many Monkee Tree’s around our house including one up to the children’s play house.  He has become so accustomed to climbing them that we must be careful he doesn’t try and climb one before we have finished assembling it!