Branches Specially Designed and Tested for Cats

Monkee Tree Branches (steps) have been specially designed and tested for cats and with end of life recycling in mind.  Keys features of the Branch design include:

  • anti-slip tread surface
  • sloped surfaces and drain holes to prevent water accumulating
  • fold down design safety feature when overloaded
  • branch size large enough for a cat to sit and turn around on
  • easily disassembled for recycling - made from Polypropylene, with no stick on parts, makes disassembly for recycling easy
Monkee Tree Branch

Monkee Treed Branches have been load tested to destruction so we know what loads they can safely withstand.  See: Branch Load Testing

So when people ask us why shouldn't they just make their own cat ladder we say you can.  But Monkee Trees have been designed and tested to offer your cat a safe climbing experience that you may not get from a DIY cat ladder.