Safety & Security

Safety and Security

Monkee Tree was developed with you and your cats safety and security in mind.  There are however some key requirements when installing and using your Monkee Tree that need to be followed to ensure the safety and security of everyone.

Your Cats Safety

While cats are well known for their climbing ability not all cats are agile and athletic due to age or disability.  It is therefore important for you to assess your cats capabilities to safely climb a Monkee Tree.  Additional intermediate branches can be added if needed to make it easier to climb.

A safe landing area (at least 4ft or 1m radius) around your Monkee Tree, free of obstacles, is required should your cat slip and need to land on the ground.  

Safety of Small People

Subject to your cats abilities, we recommend the lowest branch to be placed in the 7th Trunk from the bottom.  This is for two reasons.  Firstly most fully able cats will jump to and from a branch at this height and not use lower branches even if they are installed.  The second key reason is to prevent small children from trying to climb a Monkee Tree.  So unless you have the area where your Monkee Tree is installed fenced off to prevent small children from accessing the area then do not install branches in the first 6 Trunks.

For older children (44lbs, 20kg and over) who may be able to climb the higher branches, the folding branch feature will prevent them from scaling your Monkee Tree.

High level openings to outside, such as windows must be secured/restricted so that opening widths are no greater than 4inchs (100mm) to prevent children climbing out.  As a general rule any opening (window, balustrade etc) to a height of 4ft (1m) or over must have a restricted opening such that a sphere of 4inches (100mm) cannot pass through.   This can be achieved by installing a security latch to lock a window open at a specified gap.   Note requirements in your area may differ subject to the building regulations so we recommend you check the requirements in your area.

And don’t worry about your cat fitting through a narrow gap.  Cats have an amazing agile skeleton structure which means they can fit through small gaps, being only limited by the width of their heads.


Monkee Tree’s have a unique folding branch feature which means the branches fold down when overloaded.  This feature will therefore deter someone trying to break into your premises by climbing your Monkee Tree.  However the main Monkee Tree structure could be used to assist climbing similar to a drain pipe attached to your house.  We therefore recommend that windows and doors are adequately secured to prevent unwanted entry